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“Chainsaw Man”vietsub

Vol 1:

Denji is a young man burdened with a massive debt left by his father, leading a life of extreme poverty. He saves the devil Pochita and, as a devil hunter, he slays low-ranking devils to earn rewards. One day, Denji gets tricked by thugs and becomes a sacrifice for a group of devils. At the brink of death, Pochita sacrifices itself, giving its heart to Denji, resurrecting him with devil powers. With a pull of the chain attached to his heart, Denji can unleash the devil within. Subsequently, Denji catches the attention of the Public Safety personnel and becomes a devil hunter under their wing.

Vol 2:

Fueled by an overwhelming desire, Denji engages in a fierce battle with the bat devil! After the fight, what he touches turns out to be breasts? Or is it something else? Later, Makima informs him about the “Gun Devil,” the devil enemy of humanity. Denji, the Public Safety’s dog, embarks on a new phase of battles!

Vol 3:

A mysterious devil seals the space, forcing everyone to “kill Denji”! Members of the Special Division 4 find themselves in dire straits, gradually falling apart. Even in the most extreme situation, Denji refuses to give up the reward of a kiss. What kind of hellish battle plan does he come up with? A crucial confrontation between humans and devils unfolds around Denji!

Vol 4:

A mysterious group attacking to obtain Denji’s heart deals a severe blow to the Public Safety Special Division, creating a tense atmosphere within. On the other hand, Denji, accompanied by Power, approaches the strongest devil hunter for unconventional “death” training. Seriousness and madness intertwine, igniting the flames of counterattack!

Vol 5:

A standoff between Aki and the devil once under the control of Himeno. The man anxious for the flames of revenge, what is he thinking about in his mind? On the other hand, Denji once again engages in a fierce battle with the katana devil! Chainsaw vs. Sword, what will be the outcome of this bloody battle? The contest for Denji’s heart accelerates in an unexpected direction!

Vol 6:

“Run away to a distant place”… Where will the innocent romance of Reze lead? From a sweet moment, it takes a sudden turn, and a storm of explosive chaos ensues! Love, desire, humans, and devils are all entangled in this magnificent bloodbath. Denji and Reze confirm something profound in each other!

Vol 7:

His figure is reported on TV as the “Terrifying Chainsaw Devil,” and Denji’s existence becomes known worldwide. Crazed assassins from around the world gather in Tokyo. The Special Division unleashes its full combat power, executing the Denji Defense Operation. A chaotic whirlwind of hell, with irregular attacks and slaughter!

Vol 8:

The battle between Hikawa, the Special Division, and Denji continues. The creepy Santa Claus begins to act towards his true goal. As the forbidding contract full of malice and evil is forged, the gates of a despairing world, feared even by devils, begin to open. In the pitch-black night, the Chainsaw Devil’s scream echoes!

Vol 9:

In the aftermath of the previous battle, many friends are injured and killed. Before the decisive battle with the Gun Devil, Aki’s heart wavers. Revealing shocking truths about the Gun Devil, Makima, and the “worst future” Aki witnesses, a nightmarish fate overwhelms Denji!

Vol 10:

Desperate and unable to erase the absolute despair in Aki, Denji seeks redemption from Makima. However, the momentary respite is only the beginning of a nightmare. When the forbidden “door” opens in Denji’s heart, Makima’s true intentions and the Chainsaw Devil’s secret intertwine, creating a bloody hell!

Vol 11:

Under the ruthless domination of Makima, Denji is pushed to the brink, and his heart, deprived of something crucial and blocked by excrement, resonates with the call of “Chainsaw Man”! Thus, Denji and Makima engage in a mutual slaughter in the bloody wilderness, the culmination of their “emotional” conflict!

Vol 12:

Unable to adapt to high school life and isolated in the class, the girl Mikeyama experiences a dramatic change in her daily life after encountering a certain “devil”! Becoming a new disaster for the world, what is the purpose of that “devil”!? Meanwhile, the elusive Chainsaw Man’s whereabouts…!? The second part of the explosively intense youth story begins!

Vol 13:

Desiring to make people aware that he is Chainsaw Man, Denji, driven by this desire, disregards surveillance from Yoshida…!? On the other hand, in the morning, he visits the injured Yuko. The two deepen their relationship and confess their “secrets” to each other. Demons arrive, turning the girls’ friendship into a hellish canvas!

Vol 14:

Asada’s chosen location for a date with Denji is the aquarium!! In the morning, full of pride and charm, she attempts to turn Denji into a weapon. Facing the mismatched pair, “that devil” appears. The nightmare date without a breakthrough leads to an unexpected conclusion!?

Vol 15:

Just as the hungry devil said, a “fallen devil” with inherent terror appears in front of Asada. Cutting away the wounds of the past hidden in people’s hearts, will the morning not believe in the night due to that cruel power? Helpless “fallen” individuals… ahead awaits a journey through hellish cuisine consumed by greed!

Vol 16:

To continue living a “normal” life or to live as Chainsaw Man…? Faced with the ultimate choice presented before him, Denji’s emotions waver. On the other hand, Asada hears a shocking revelation from Kie. The expanding Chainsaw Man church, a mysterious woman approaching Denji—thoughts are in turmoil, and the situation descends into chaos!

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